Licensed For Laser Therapy

Reduce the pain and inflammation your dog or cat is experiencing with our FDA-cleared laser therapy. The treatments are painless, fast, and safe for your pets. Your pet will feel like a puppy or kitten again after going through laser treatment a few times.

Horse Trailer Parking Friendly!

We have an easy access parking lot for horse trailers

Lab Results In 15 Minutes

Find the cause of your pet's health problems within 15 minutes. Our in-house lab team will conduct blood work, urine, and tissue analysis.

Painless Laser Treatment For All Your Pet's Needs

  • Removing Tumors And Growth

  • Declawing

  • Wound Care

  • Sprains

  • Spays and neuters

Complications can happen to your pets while they are under the knife. Limit those worries by opting for our safer and more precise laser surgery. As a licensed, bonded, and insured veterinarian, we can ensure your pet's pain is reduced and their recovery is fast with our laser surgery.

Performing Safe Laser Surgery

  • Infections

  • Eye Care

  • Strains

  • Arthritis

  • Ectropian

  • Entropian

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Caring for your special friends

ASPCA pet health insurance accepted!

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